Compare the ways in which Frankenstein’s monster and Caliban are presented as victims of circumstance in Frankenstein and the Tempest   In both Frankenstein and The Tempest the play, both authors have portrayed the fact that Frankenstein’s Monster and Caliban are victims of circumstance. This means that they have no control over what they are […]

It was on a cold miserable day. The farm was as deserted as a decrepit house with no one in sight. It was like a horror movie, and the only person within the farm was an aged helpless man who’s dishevelled appearance looked like a worthless farmer. He had spots all over him, like someone […]

English Coursework Torture “Power without morality is a prescription for disaster”-Karen Greenberg.  Torture is an act of inflicting pain on someone to try to get useful information. The brutality of torture has inspired me to document my own thoughts and feelings about its use. As a western citizen myself, I feel that my own people are damaging […]

Dear Isabelle Kerr, This is a letter in response to the article “Bare Vexed”. In my opinion, I agree with this article because slang is brainwashing children`s minds. They automatically think that words like “innit” “Bruv” or “Selfie” are the correct words to say. In fact children find it difficult to get through a sentence without […]

Im Lennie small me and my freind george are best of friends we travel a lotta places together me and george were resting in the brush we wanted to  look for a job to get a little stake together to get our ranch so I can tend those soft nice rabbits I love soft things […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway